In order to meet the challenges of a transparent market and the changing statutory conditions for investment funds (Gesetz zur Novellierung des Vermögensanlagenrechts), the Hahn Group has worked together with Fondsbörse Deutschland (German Fund Exchange) since 2013. Fondsbörse Deutschland is one of the market leading trading platforms for closed-ended funds. 

In future, you will also be able to contact Fondsbörse Deutschland directly (Tel.: +49 40 4809200) with your sale or purchase requests. This is a platform where potential sellers and buyers are brought together. 

The Hahn Group is still responsible for negotiations with the trustees and tax advisors of the company. Furthermore, the Hahn Group processes the transfer of shares and applies for the appropriate amendment in the commercial register if required. Independent of its collaboration with Fondsbörse Deutschland, our company still processes donations, usufructs and inheritances.

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