The success of a retail property is dependent on the right asset managers being responsible for letting and developing the properties. Therefore, asset management is one of the core services offered by the Hahn Group. 

Our property portfolio

The Hahn Group's Asset Management Department currently manages retail properties in around 180 different locations across Germany with a total lettable area of around 1.7 million sq m and total rental income of approximately €183m. We let 78,000 sq m in 2017, which produced an overall occupancy rate of 98.0%. The total value of properties we manage is round about € 3bn. 

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Capital value preservation and value enhancement

Our asset managers make regular checks on the potential of the properties and, together with our tenants, develop strategies to maintain and increase their capital value, e.g. through comprehensive modernisation and extension programmes. 

Property strategies

Our asset managers produce property strategies and examine these regularly on the basis of an actual vs. target performance analysis and, together with the fund manager, are therefore able to develop timely and appropriate alternative scenarios as required. 


Our asset managers make clear business recommendations to the fund manager in the case of a potential sale of the property, identify suitable potential purchasers and manage the sale process up to final completion of the sale and purchase agreement. 


Our asset managers produce letting concepts, pro-actively approach potential tenants, negotiate lease contracts and participate in negotiations. They are aided by their established and close contact with all leading German retail companies. 

Letting concepts

A healthy tenant structure is key to the success of large-scale retail property. We produce letting concepts, identify anchor tenants, pro-actively approach potential tenants and participate in negotiations. 


All necessary maintenance programmes are agreed with the fund manager. The objective is to preserve the long-term capital value of the property. 

Tenant relationships

Our established relationships with the tenants mean that our asset managers are able to work closely and in co-operation with them. 


Our asset managers deliver property data for regular reporting to our investors. 

Center Management

Our local center managers are the first port of call for our tenants, ensuring that a healthy tenant structure is maintained. The center managers are responsible for and co-ordinate Center marketing activities. 

Asset Management for third parties

The Hahn Group has many years of experience in the management of external portfolios belonging to private and institutional investors. 

With a volume of approximately € 2.8 bn of assets under management, we have a clear focus to secure stable cash flows and sustainable strategic management for the optimal leveraging of available resources. 

This includes: 

  • Relieving the owner of all active involvement, if required;   
  • Active contract and receivables management; 
  • Reliable property and financial reporting; 
  • Budget and medium-term planning; 
  • Analysis of business options, whether reinvestment in the building is required to enhance value;   
  • Risk management; 
  • Development of business alternatives for the optimisation of value leverage and portfolio structure;            
  • Selection and control of all service providers;  
  • Micro and macro location analyses for use in strategic decision-making;     
  • Owner representation;       
Contact persons Asset Management
Stefanie Dahmen

 Key Account Managerin 

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Manuel Hausmann

Deputy Head of Portfolio Management Private Customers 

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Martin Krone

Senior Asset Manager

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Patrick Lutz

Senior asset manager

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Christina Melcher

Senior Asset Manager

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Patricia Mrowiec

Asset Manager Controlling 

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Andreas Nienkemper

Senior Asset Manager

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