There is new value to be created from older existing properties or unused space, which is the key function of our Project Development and Revitalisation departments. We are constantly on the lookout for new projects, project partnerships and developed and undeveloped sites which may be suitable for revitalisation or the development of large-scale retail property. 

Project development and revitalisation

We develop projects. For this purpose we purchase sites in inner urban locations with special planning (SO) or mixed-use town centre (MK) zoning. 

We are looking for sites: 

  • From 5,000 sq m (inner urban/MK/SO) 
  • From 10,000 sq m (SO)      
  • Previously developed projects in these segments with min. 3,000 sq m sales area and an investment volume of €6m - €50m per investment                        

For the purposes of revitalisation of existing real estate, we are looking for properties with short lease terms or vacant existing properties which have valid building permits for large-scale retail with a focus on food and town centre-relevant product ranges. 

As a project development/revitalisation partner, the Hahn Group is supported by a number of important factors:
Sophisticated use concepts

Due to our decades of experience, we are able to develop future-orientated and market-led use concepts for retail properties. In addition, our contact to all large retail companies helps us to identify strong tenant covenants. 

Current market knowledge

Detailed location and property analyses are carried out by our own research department. The advantage is that our market knowledge is always up-to-date. 

User-orientated architecture

Our architectural solutions are designed to meet the requirements of retail customers. These include good transport connections, easy access and a sufficient number of car parking spaces. 

Further information is available here
Contact persons Revitalisation/Project Development

Are you looking to sell a project or site? 

Kio Tindl

Head of Project Development 

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Frank Kneib

Senior Project Developer 

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Stephanie Szyrba

Senior Project Manager 

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Nima Rahmati

Project Developer



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