Our company's mission statement is an expression of the culture of the Hahn Group. The principles are an ideal introduction especially for new staff members, who are then able to settle into the company quickly and understand our company values.

Regina Hilse  

We develop and secure the assets of our investors and business partners by managing and controlling the entire value creation chain of this process. Our performance is in the full sense of the term 'expertise in retail property'.

People rely on us in many areas of our field of activity. We aim to justify this trust now and in the future. For this reason, we have developed a mission statement which is obligatory for all staff and determines our daily work ethic. 

The mission statement is based on the following five guiding principles:
  1. We create value. Continually. With retail property. With assets. With our knowledge and personality.                  
  2. We provide service. Consistently. For clients. With solutions. In the value add process.
  3. We trade. Reliably. As well-networked specialists. 
  4. We advise. Consciously. Foresightedly. With understanding. With an eye on the mutual achievement of objectives.     
  5. We secure. Sustainably. Assets. Performance. Knowledge.   

Please speak to us if you would like to know more. We would be pleased to receive an application from you if you are prepared to work and be governed by these guiding principles.